"Thank you Jenni for your coahing. I have really enjoyed every minute and I loved that you used Oracle card and your spiritual gifts when coaching me. It has been very given and life fulfilling, thank you" Camilla

Welcome to J-Star Design - Lightwork

- For inner and spiritual development and transformation

My name is Jenni and I work as a healing coach, healer and with Spiritual guidance and have for several years worked with my inner selft to take me where I am today. A stress-free life entirely on my own terms. If you want to read about my healing journey, you can find it here.

 This website is relatively new and is constantly changing, soon a new page will open with Chakra balance bracelets where you also can read about your chakras and about chakra balance and more about different gems and their different abilities. So keep an eye out :)

 I hope you find my website rewarding and do not hesitate to contact me regarding my services, special requests regarding jewelry or anything else!


RIGHT NOW! SEK 100 discount for new healing clients - read about Holy Fire Reiki and Spiritual healing in the Lightwork menu. Book via bokadirekt.se and pay with Swish in connection with booking - you will find the booking page and info here

Here on the website you will also find my handmade healing jewelry in 100 percent genuine gemstones. You can read more about my Gemstone Jewelry further down the page. Here in the picture you see Amethyst in combination with Zoisit Rubin with a beautiful Agate necklace.

Angel Guidence

I post Angel guiding messages almost daily under Angel messages in the menu. If you want your own personal Angel Message or Spiritual guidance, you will find info about this here

LIGHTWORK services 

Do you long for change, personal and spiritual development and higher insights? Do you want to more easily feel with your heart what is right for you and follow and trust your intuition? Do you have a special goal you want to achieve but have not managed to get all the way? Wherever you stand in life, as a holistic healing coach, I can help you find your inner answers and your truth that will help you break free from ingrained patterns and thoughts that hinder your inner development.

 As a healer (Reiki and Spiritual healing), I and the Universe help you let go of old patterns and blockages, bring in loving light that works away pain and other inner stress, provides deep relaxation and balance your chakras. Holy Fire Reiki is also a guiding energy that helps you get in greater contact with your intuition, which makes it easier for you to find the path that is true for you. At Spiritual Healing, I act as a channel for my Spiritual Healing Guide who helps you with what you need best at the time of healing. 

Read more about my services under the Lightwork menu ore contact me if you have any qustions


What some of my clients say

"Jenni, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a fantastic message, what a guidance! I will take this in and enjoy it and take help from to move forward. Thank you for giving me healing and spiritual messages in such a nice way today. What gift and what light you have".

"Jennis coaching has opened new doors in my life. It has made me prioritize the right things and maintain the energy in what is important to me. I have found a balance in life and will continue to use the tools I received from Jenni to maintain motivation. The coaching that Jenni gives comes from the heart!"

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Making jewelry from different gemstones is really one of my favorite hobbies. I love their colors, shapes and energies. I myself can feel the different energies of the stones clearly and know what positive effects they have on us humans, therefore I want to share my jewelry with others. To enhance the stones' already healing abilities, I charge each piece of jewelry I send to the customer with Holy Fire Reiki energy. 

Holy Fire is pure light and love energy from the highest source and when you wear the jewelry you take part of this energy. I also offer all my jewelry customers a personal Angel message and I have received a very nice response to this! Here is an example: 

"Incredibly beautiful jewelry arrived today with the mail along with a very personal and unique angel message. So grateful that I found Jenni and her shop and services."

 If you also want an Angel Message with your jewelery, write it in the message box when you place your order, also remember to state your wrist size when ordering bracelets. Below you will find more customer reviews from jewelry customers and Lighwork clients

                                                                                PHOTO ART         

Besides making jewelry I love to go out taking beautifull nature pictures and I share my favorites here at the photo art gallery.  

Amethyst and Mossagate jewelry
Amethyst and Mossagate jewelry

Magical gemstones

Gemstones have been used for thousands of years due to the stones' ability to heal, protect, love boost and strengthen our mental and physical health. You can, for example, use gemstones in your home, during meditation and wear them when you are in need of extra energy boost! If you want to learn more about Gemstones, there is a wealth of good information on the Internet and in books. I myself use gemstones in my every day life and have gilded every room at home with different stones. Regardless of what you think about the magical abilities of precious stones, they are fantastically beautiful to look at and only that can be really uplifting!