Do you long for more happiness, change and personal development? Do you sometimes have a hard time recognizing with your heart what is right for you? Do you feel stuck in a situation ore in life general? Do you have a special goal you want to achieve but have not managed to get all the way?

I work with spiritual guidance, as a Holistic intuitive life coach, Holy Fire Reiki II and as a Love and Light Crystal healer. 

Interested in being coached? I always offer new coaching clients 20 minutes of free talk time before the actual coaching session. Then you get the opportunity to know if I fit in as your Holistic life coach!

 At the moment I only work online via Zoom, Messenger or over the phone. 

I also give Oracle and Tarot card guidance and make my own jewelry from various gems and boost them with Energy Healing for extra strength to its wearer! If you wish, I enclose a personal angel message with your jewelry (write that you want this in the message box when you place your order)

"Jenni, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a fantastic message, what a guidance! I will take this in and enjoy it and take help from to move forward. Thank you for giving me healing and spiritual messages in such a nice way today. What gifts and what light you have. Thank you, thank you!" 

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Welcome to J-Star Design! Here you will find my handmade gemstone jewelry in a timeless and stylish design. The gemstones are always of the highest quality and you are always welcome with your own wishes about stones and colors. You find all jewelry in the webshop and some of them in the Inspiration gallery. When ordering a bracelet you need to let me know which size you want when placing your order. 

                                                                                PHOTO ART         

Besides making jewelry I love to go out taking beautifull nature pictures and I share my favorites here at the photo art gallery.  


As a registerd Member you have the opportunity to participate and partly design your desired bracelet or earring. you also take part of special offers, raffles and latest news in my newsletter sent to your mail. No strings attached being a member. 

Amethyst and Mossagate jewelry
Amethyst and Mossagate jewelry

Magical gemstones

Gemstones have been used for thousands of years due to the stones' ability to heal, protect, love boost and strengthen our mental and physical health. You can, for example, use gemstones in your home, during meditation and wear them when you are in need of extra energy boost! If you want to learn more about Gemstones, there is a wealth of good information on the Internet and in books. I myself use gemstones in my every day life and have gilded every room at home with different stones. Regardless of what you think about the magical abilities of precious stones, they are fantastically beautiful to look at and only that can be really uplifting!