My name is Jenni Johansson and I work as a Holistic Life Coach, healer and with spiritual guidance. I have attended several spiritual educations to understand myself and my own spiritual development which took off about 2 years ago. Among other things, I have been trained in Spiritual healing and Spiritual guidance with Liselotte Blomberg (life in and Life Coach Holistics and Holy Fire Reiki with Helena Omfors (Lightworker Academy).

A few years ago, I noticed my own healing ability when I could relieve my own pain by putting my hand on where it hurt. Shortly after that, I began to feel energies around me, my own, others' and from the spirit world. Everything I experienced did not only feel positive and I started taking spiritual courses to get help with understanding and getting support. I had to start working intensively with myself and piece by piece let go of Everything that did not benefit my highest good. The journey until now has not always been easy but today I am so happy with everything I have learned along the way and that I can use my gifts and experiences to help others in different way.

As a Holistic Life Coach, I guide you to find your own answers that can help you reach your goals, get closer to your true nature and your way of life. I work intuitively and am happy to share my own experiences if it can help you move forward. We always look at the present and the future, but we also look back when needed. Life Coach Holistic means that we take into account the whole person, soul, body and mind.

My professional life has always meant helping people in different ways and I have been working as an elementary school teacher for many years, so coaching has long been a natural part of my life. This in combination with the fact that I have very strong intuition and natural healing ability made the Life Coach Holistic education feel like a natural step in my continued development and to support other people in different ways in their life path.

I also offer Holy Fire Reiki II healing at a distance (read more about this under the Holy Fire Reiki tab) and Love and Light crystal healing which is deeply healing, transforming, relaxing, bright and loving. Because I love crystals, I combine this distance healing with various strengthening crystals to further increase the healing energy.