My name is Jenni Johansson and I work as a Holistic Spiritual Life Coach that combines coaching with healing conversations , performs energy healing and provides spiritual guidance. I have attended several spiritiual educations to understand myself and my own spiritual development which took off about 3 years ago. Among other things, I have trained in Spiritual healing and Spiritual guidance with Liselotte Blomberg (life in progress.se) and Life Coach Holistics and Holy Fire Reiki with Helena Omfors (Lightworker Academy). I now also take the course Spiritual Entrepreneurship at Helena.

 I have always had a spiritual life perspective and felt that life is so much more than what we see and perceive with our senses, but mostly let it stop at curiosity. A couple of years ago, however, I suddenly began to feel different energies around me and in connection with this, I discovered my own healing ability when I could suddenly relieve or completely cure my own physical pains. I started taking spiritual courses to get help understanding all of this, myself and learning more about energies and different dimensions. In connection with all this, I had to meet myself, so to speak, and began to work intensively with my own healing and over the years I have piece by piece let go of everything that held me back from listening inward and reaching where I am today.

 My biggest driving force is to help people see themselves and their inner luminosity more clearly. For most of my life I have been stressed by different kinds of reasons and had a hard time slowing down, until my body and mind started to give up. It was a strong and sometimes painful awakening but which slowly but surely helped me to begin to feel and follow my heart. Today I finally live fully in harmony with my true self.

The decisions I have made along the way have not always been easy  to take, but when I finally started to listen properly to my body and follow my inner longing, new insights and opportunities began to open up that have taken me to a more comfortable and much less stressful life. Now one of my biggest dreams has finally come true, a much more stress-free life and a house in the country with a lot of free time, together with my 2 cats. 

Here I can build my business without much distractions, go for long walks, make jewelry and help my clients achieve their own inner dreams!

 You are most welcome to book one or more of my services - send me an email if you have questions and / or thoughts! Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.