Life Coach Holistic is profound, therapeutic, emotional, mental, healing, spiritual, intuitive and medial. We work with the past, present and future. A holistic life coach is committed to helping people in all aspects of the clients life lives by looking after the mind, body and spirit. Holistic Life Coaching focuses on connecting these three aspects of your life so that you can live even more consciously and more attentively. You get the opportunity to heal, feel whole and move on towards your goals. Regular coaching usually focuses only on one area of ​​your life and rarely looks back to find the reasons for what is holding you back. In Holistic Life Coaching, the coach helps you find your own answers by asking strong open questions. 

As a coach, I completely trust that you always know, deep inside, and can feel what is right for you, with your heart. We always start the coaching by finding out where you are mentally and then start with a clear goal and end goal for the coaching opportunity. We also investigate whether your goal is possible or needs to be adjusted or changed. Then I will guide you forward. If we meet several times, we can set intermediate goals for your Big Goal. I always check how things have gone at each new occasion. My job is to guide you forward, help you set realistic goals, set up an action plan, pep and support you and to always believe that you as an individual have every opportunity within you to change your situation for the better, both physically and mentally . I can also use different exercises and visualizations. You can be coached in anything, everything fits in in Life Coach Holistic!