Welcome to J-Star Design

Here at J-Star Design you will find jewelry made of precious stones of the highest quality. I work full time as a teacher and when Im not out walking, taking nature pictures, I manage my jewelry business. I design and manufacture all jewelry myself and I love everything with precious stones, how unique and beautiful each stone is and their magical abilities to heal, protect, spread joy and loving energies to everyone around them. I never leave home without at least one crystal in my pocket.

I have worked with sales and service for over 20 years and I always make sure that you as a customer get both excellent service and fantastic jewelry of high quality.

Do you have your own wishes / ideas for a piece of jewelery? Do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

Do not hesitate to ask me if you need advice when choosing your jewelry and feel free to take a look at inspiration photos under the Inspiration tab

When you buy a new bracelet from me, it is important that you state wrist measurements when ordering bracelets. I then add 1.5 cm so that your chosen bracelet gets the perfect size.

For members. all charms for bracelets and earrings can be replaced, or removed completely and in most cases it is possible to replace, for example, silver-colored pearls for gold and vice versa.

Send a message below for questions, thoughts and / or wishes