Blue Angelite beaded gemstone bracelet

Elastic bracelet with 6 mm Angelite and Melon quartz stones, silver colored pearls and an angel charm. 

For members, the charms can be replaced or removed completely if desired. 

Remember to state your wrist size when ordering!

Some of Angeliten's characteristics 

Angelite is a stone with powerful but at the same time calming energies, and its main property is to facilitate communication with the spirit world and our higher self. Angelite helps us to strengthen our intuition and to dare to express our innermost truth in a calm and clear way. It also helps to remove any blockages that may be in the way of our spiritual development. Angelite is said to facilitate meditation and make it easier for us to reach a meditative state. The stone has calming and protective energies and counteracts fears of various kinds.

220.00 kr
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